EducationUSA Sri Lanka Roadshow 2024  

Welcome Message by Patrick

Please join EducationUSA Sri Lanka for our Fall 2024 Road Show. We will visit some of the top national and international schools and host mini-fairs on three university campuses. Boasting the highest literacy rate in South Asia and excellent schools, Sri Lanka is an amazing island with many families who want to send their children abroad for education. We also believe that the recruiters should be treated well so include an Opening Reception at my apartment complex with stunning panoramic views of Colombo, a cultural performance in the historic Dutch Fort in Galle, and a traditional homemade Sri Lankan meal in a beachside villa. This will be a fun opportunity that will pay big dividends for your university!

Patrick McNamara, Ph.D.
Executive Director
United States-Sri Lanka Fulbright Commission

Tour Schedule

Time Activity/Event Venue & Notes
Sunday, September 22
Various times Arrive in Colombo Participants book their own flights and hotels (we will provide suggested Colombo hotels in a variety of price ranges)
5-7pm Opening Reception at Dr. Patrick McNamara’s residence 63rd Floor Function Room of Altair Residence in Colombo
Monday, September 23
8am-Noon Mini Fairs at International Schools/Private Schools in Colombo
- Open for Students and Parents
Transport will be provided. (Travel as a group)
12-1pm Lunch (Paid by EducationUSA) TBD
1-3pm EducationUSA Fair for Graduate & Undergraduate recruitment
- Open for Public
University of Colombo
3:30pm Depart to Galle Transport will be provided. (Travel as a group) Participants book their own hotel in Galle (we will provide suggested Galle hotels in a variety of price ranges)
6pm Check in to Galle hotels
7-9pm Dinner and Cultural Night at Galle Fort (Paid by EducationUSA)
Wednesday, September 25
8am-1pm Mini Fairs at International Schools/Private Schools in Galle
- Open for Students and Parents
Transport will be provided.
(Travel as a group)
1-2pm Lunch (Paid by EducationUSA) TBD
2-4pm EducationUSA Fair for Graduate & Undergraduate recruitment
- Open for Public
University of Ruhuna’s Faculty of Engineering in Galle
7-9pm Drinks and Homecooked Dinner by the Sea (Paid by EducationUSA) Villa Barns in Talpe Transport will be provided. (Travel as a group)
Wednesday, September 25
10am - Noon EducationUSA Fair for Graduate & Undergraduate recruitment
- Open for Public
University of Ruhuna Main Campus in Matara Transport will be provided. (Travel as a group)
12-1pm Lunch (Paid by EducationUSA) TBD
1:30-4pm Travel back to Colombo Transport will be provided. (Travel as a group)
Either depart late on Sept 25 or on Sept 26 Participants book their own flights and hotels (we will provide suggested Colombo hotels in a variety of price ranges)

Deadlines and Fees

Registration Opens May 20, 2024
Registration Fee Colombo only = $1000
Galle Only = $750
Matata Only = $750
If All 3 Days = $2000
If an extra representative from same school joins, then additional $1000 for 3 Days
Discount code - Click here
Registration Deadline August 16, 2024
Payment Deadline Registration is not considered confirmed until complete payment has been received. If an institution has registered and not paid within the stipulated timeline, their registration will be cancelled and may be offered to another.
Cancellation Cancellations can only be made by sending an email to
  • No invitation letter required. Visas can be easily obtained electronically at
  • The Department of Immigration and Emigration recommends applying for a Business Visa. You may choose the category "Participate in Conferences, Workshops, and Seminars" when stating the purpose of your travel.
  • A visa can also be obtained upon arrival, but this is not recommended.

Registration and Payment Process

Registration Opens on - 20th May

Registration Details: Click here to register for the fair -

Payment Process

The payment process will be managed on the EducationUSA fair platform. Please register your institution and complete the registration and payment process here: EducationUSA Fair Registration Portal.

Terms and Conditions


EducationUSA Sri Lanka is hosting the tour. EducationUSA, hereafter referred to as ‘Fair Organizers’, will support and engage only in events that follow EducationUSA Principles of Good Practice.


Priority Registration will be given to direct-hire employees of accredited U.S. higher education institutions (HEI)s, after which consortia, agents and other third-party representatives may be registered as per terms and conditions. HEIs utilizing the services of an agent must register for the tour on behalf of the agent. Agents may not complete the registration form themselves.

EducationUSA reserves the right to accept or deny an HEI’s participation in the tour

Alumni: Alumni may participate as additional representatives of an HEI at fair booths only. It is the responsibility of the HEI to train alumni to represent their institution. Alumni will be held to the same standards as representatives while at events.

Participants agree to the following:

  • Accreditation: Participating institutions must have U.S. accreditation recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. Verification may be requested;
  • Participants represent the United States, U.S. higher education, and U.S. higher education admissions for the duration of the event;
  • Offer information on U.S.-based programs and U.S. accredited programs only. Failure to comply will make the institution ineligible for participation at future events;
  • Fair Organizers reserve the right to verify the identity of institutional representatives if required;
  • Provide current and comprehensive information on all programs offered at the represented institution;
  • Representatives will not make offers of “on-spot admission” or visa counseling;
  • Agents may only speak about and share information (including digital business cards and contact information) about the U.S institution they are representing (as stated on the registration form) and NOT represent their foreign clients or their parent company;
  • Participate in all scheduled activities, including school/university visits and networking events for which registration was completed;
  • Visa and Reservations: Participants are responsible for their visas (if applicable), airline tickets, hotel reservations, and ground transfers;
  • Set up tables and materials according to the schedule provided. Each representative will be required to remove institutional materials immediately after the fair ends. All materials left behind will be discarded;
  • Ship Materials within the established deadlines. Each institution and courier service are responsible for ensuring that materials arrive to destination in time. Be aware of local customs issues. All printed materials and fair items should be sent to the addresses provided;
  • Booth: Ensure no more than two representatives staff a booth at one time.
  • Participants must remain inside their booths/designated space and behind tables at fairs and events when interacting with attendees;
  • Ensure any displays do not exceed the allocated space or booth, standard height is eight feet. Displays must be no greater than six feet wide and three feet deep, the standard sixfoot table size. Displays must be placed in the rear of the allocated space or booth;
  • Contact Information: Participants will provide active e-mail addresses and phone numbers and notify Fair Organizers, by email, of any changes in plans;
  • Communication: All communication with regards to this tour is to be made via e-mail to;
  • Dress Code: Participants will adhere to professional/business casual attire for the duration of the tour. They must also wear a name badge during public events and fairs. Ensure alumni representatives adhere to the dress code and wear a name badge indicating that they are an alumni representative during fairs;
  • No-show Policy: No reimbursement. If materials have been received, they may or may not be displayed without a representative at the table. Fair Organizers reserve the right to allot the space to others without refunding the participation charges already paid.
  • Fair and Event Cancellation: EducationUSA Centers and Tour Organizers will not be responsible for unanticipated cancellations. If EducationUSA hosts decide to cancel a fair due to insufficient U.S. institutional representation, the deadline to cancel the fair due to insufficient registrations will be August 23, 2024.
  • Force Majeure Cancellation: Fair organizers will not be responsible for unanticipated local closures/cancellations. Fair organizers reserve the right to cancel the fair(s) due to unforeseen circumstances and contingencies, arising out of or caused by, directly or indirectly, forces beyond its control, including but not limited to strikes, work stoppages, accidents, acts of war or terrorism, civil or military disturbances, nuclear or natural catastrophes or acts of God, and interruptions, loss or malfunctions of utilities, communications or computer (software and hardware), internet, and /or server services.
  • Late arrival/early departure: EducationUSA fairs are time sensitive. Late arrivals and early departures are discouraged. Participants who fail to adhere to stated tour timings may be subjected to exclusion from future events in the region.
  • Additional Event policy: Any participant that wishes to conduct an additional event the day before, of, or after the fair in the same venue of the EducationUSA fair, must have prior written consent to do so from the EducationUSA host of the city.
  • HEI representatives hereby consent to their participation in interviews, the use of quotes, and the taking of photographs, movies or videotapes of the event featuring them and grant the right to edit, use, and reuse said products for non-profit purposes including use in print, on the internet, and all other forms of media. HEI representatives also hereby release the Fair Organizers, EducationUSA Advising Centers and their Host Institutions and employees from all claims, demands, and liabilities whatsoever in connection with the above.
  • Release and Liability Waiver: Fair Organizers will NOT be responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen items. Fair participants are encouraged to leave all items of value (laptops, tablets, phones) locked safely in their hotel rooms.
  • Service Guarantee Policy: If the above terms are not met, EducationUSA fair organizers are not responsible for delays, reservation changes, and other inconveniences experienced due to the lack of compliance with any of the above

Fair Organizer Responsibilities:

  • Arrange facilities for public events, including main fair room, concurrent sessions and any other amenities such as refreshments and coffee breaks, equipment and security, as local conditions allow;
  • Provide counter space, a chair, bottled water and sign for each participating institution. If additional space is required, arrangements should be made with EducationUSA staff in advance;
  • Recommend lodging and flight options;
  • Arrange local transportation for registered participants to and from scheduled events. Transportation will only be provided to and from the “headquarter” hotel;
  • Arrange complementary meetings, visits to educational institutions and networking events for participants. These may vary from city to city;
  • Design and produce materials (digital and print) for promotion and distribution such as posters, flyers, newspaper ads and participating institution guide;
  • Arrange Media Promotion/Advertising campaigns in one or more of the following: EducationUSA and Host Institution’s social media and websites, local newspapers, radio, local businesses, high schools, universities and professional institutes. This may vary from city to city;
  • E-mail invitations to known students and professionals, advising center program members, universities, professional institutes, high schools, and other interested parties listed in the EducationUSA advising center databases;
  • Register event attendees and create databases with contact information and degree program preferences, which will be forwarded to each attending university representative within 15-calendar of the conclusion of the tour;
  • Present a Country Briefing for participating institutions;
  • Staff an EducationUSA information booth at university fairs;
  • Prepare an EducationUSA fair questionnaire/evaluation for completion by attending university;
  • NOT be responsible for any lost or damaged items;
  • NOT be responsible for any mailed packages that may be stopped at customs, and will not perform any customs clearance activities;
  • NOT be responsible for detention or administrative actions that participants may face due to violation of visa regulations.

Contact Us

For queries on registration, cancellation, and tour itinerary, please write to:

For country-specific questions, please contact:
Sabitha George
EducationUSA Adviser

All printed materials and fair items should be sent to the address below:
Patrick McNamara, Ph.D.
Executive Director
United States - Sri Lanka Fulbright Commission
23 Gower Street
Colombo 5, Sri Lanka