Fulbright Awards for Sri Lankans

Fulbright Master’s Degree Scholarship Awards for Sri Lankans

The Fulbright Master’s Degree Scholarship Awards are given to the very top Sri Lankan students. Students studying in all disciplines except clinical medicine can apply. Priority will be given to students that will return to build the capacity of Sri Lanka, and to students who have not had prior exposure to the U.S. Please see eligibility requirements and guidelines for applying.

Fulbright Scholar Awards for Sri Lankan Academics, Artists, and Professionals

If you are a Sri Lankan academic, artist, or professional who is interested in going to America to do post-doctoral research, teach, perform, consult, or do other activities, please consider applying for the Fulbright Scholar Award for Sri Lankans. Favor will be given to individuals that will benefit Sri Lanka upon their return, to fields that are particularly important to the Sri Lankan context, and to candidates who have not previously spent time in the U.S. You need a letter of invitation from a host university, think tank, institution, or organization. Please see eligibility requirements and guidelines for applying.

Fulbright Teaching and Excellence Achievement (TEA) Awards for Sri Lankans

The Fulbright Teaching and Excellence Achievement (TEA) Awards are given to secondary-level school teachers in schools with primarily local Sri Lankan students. TEA Awardees go to a U.S. university for a six-week, non-degree academic program. While in the U.S., they take academic seminars for professional development, observe master teachers, and share their culture and expertise with the local community. Applicants must be current, full time Sri Lankan secondary-level schoolteachers of English, Math, Science, Social Studies, or Special Education. Please see eligibility requirements and guidelines for applying.

Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Awards for Sri Lankans

The Hubert Humphrey Fellowship is specially designed for mid-career professionals who will help solve the world’s most pressing problems. The Humphrey Fellowship connects Sri Lankans with Americans for a ten-month non-degree program of graduate level academic coursework and practical professional experiences. Some awards also offer English training to facilitate the participation of applicants who may be excellent candidates but lack the necessary language skills. Candidates must be committed to public service that enhances Sri Lanka upon their return. For general information on the program, please see the Institute of International Education’s Humphrey Fellowship website. For specific information on our Sri Lankan Humphrey Fellowship opportunity, please see eligibility requirements and guidelines for applying.

EducationUSA Opportunity Funds Program for Sri Lankan Applicants to U.S. Universities

If you are a bright and highly motivated student with a dream of studying in the America, we want to give you money to make that possible. US-SLFC’s Opportunity Funds Program incentivize Sri Lankans to apply to U.S. institutions of higher education by helping you with the upfront costs. These reimbursable upfront costs include: admission application fees, standardized test preparation, test registration, score reporting fees, airfare to the U.S., and other items. This Opportunity Funds Program does not cover cost of tuition, rooming, food, or other costs once you are admitted.

Applications for our Opportunity Funds Program are accepted anytime of the year from students applying for Bachelor’s, Master’s or Ph.D. degrees.  Applicants must demonstrate financial need as indicated on the application. Please see Opportunity Funds Program application for more information.

Host a Fulbright Specialist at your organization in Sri Lanka

The Fulbright Specialist Program pairs U.S. experts with a Sri Lankan host institution. These Fulbright Specialists work on a specific project for a two-to-six-weeks period.

The Fulbright Specialist projects can include a range of activities but are driven by the needs of the host institution. These activities can include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Delivering seminars, trainings or workshops
  • Consulting on faculty or workforce development
  • Designing academic or training curricula and materials
  • Lecturing at the graduate or undergraduate level
  • Facilitating strategic or institutional planning
  • Engaging with the community to build on assets or solve specific problems
  • Conducting needs assessments or evaluations for an organization

For Sri Lankan host institution eligibility or frequently asked questions please see the website of our partners at World Learning.

If you are a Sri Lankan higher education organization, government agency, cultural or arts organization, NGO, think tank, medical institution, or other and think you would benefit from hosting a Fulbright Specialist, please see application materials.