Opportunity Funds Program application

EducationUSA Opportunity Funds Program

If you are a bright and highly motivated student with a dream of studying in America, we want to give you money to make that possible. EducationUSA’s Opportunity Funds Program incentivizes Sri Lankans to apply to U.S. institutions of higher education by helping you with the upfront costs. These reimbursable upfront costs can include: admission application fees, standardized test preparation, test registration, score reporting fees, airfare to the U.S., and other items.

Applications for our Opportunity Funds Program are accepted anytime of the year from students applying for Bachelor’s, Master’s or Ph.D. degree.  Applicants must demonstrate financial need.

Grant Benefits

The Opportunity Funds Program will reimburse admission application fees, preparation for standardized test (SAT, ACT, GRE, TOEFL, etc.), test registration, score reporting fees, visa and SEVIS fees, airfare to the U.S., settling allowance, and other items. Please contact EducationUSA Student Advisor Sabitha George with any questions.  

Please Note: Opportunity Funds Program does not cover cost of tuition, rooming, food, or other costs once you are admitted.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Sri Lankan citizens applying for a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s or Ph.D. degrees in the U.S.
  • Applicants must demonstrate financial need.
  • Must not be applying for or holding permanent resident visa (Green Card) in the United States, not be dual U.S.-Sri Lanka citizen, and not hold work or resident visa in another country

Eligibility Preferences

  • Demonstrate a commitment to return to Sri Lanka to live and work after the conclusion of studies. 
  • Demonstrate strong academic and leadership potential.
  • Demonstrate the ability to function well in a U.S. institute of higher education.
  • Be able to live and work closely with people from a variety of backgrounds and interact in a culturally sensitive way with others

Not Eligible

  • Ministry of Education officials.
  • Staff or families of staff at a U.S. Embassy or US-SLFC.
  • Misrepresentation, false information, or plagiarism of any kind will disqualify you from receiving Opportunity Funds

Period of Opportunity Funds Program

The Opportunity Funds Program is open at any time for Sri Lankans applying to study in the U.S.

Application Deadline

Rolling deadline until all the money is given away. Please apply today!

To Apply

Please email to advising@fulbrightsrilanka.org one .pdf document with the following:

  1. CV/Resume
  2. Evidence of financial need such as family income, family assets, household size, student’s salary, etc.
  3. Awards or accomplishments
  4. Grades/Transcript
  5. A short statement (500 words or less) on “Why I dream of studying the United States and how the Opportunity Funds Program will help me realize that dream?”

 For questions, write to: advising@fulbrightsrilanka.org