Membership for Education USA

Why become a member?

In becoming a member, you are taking the necessary steps towards applying to the university of your dreams. You will not only have access to the library but will also have the below privileges.

  • Free attendance at all paid workshops. (Prior registration for the sessions is mandatory)
  • 4 free individual advising sessions (Conditions apply)
  • Free use of computers for educational purpose
  • Loan of books for overnight use – fees apply *Please note that the facility for loan of books will only be activated after your membership has been processed and your mailing address has been verified.
  • Correction of essays and SOPs
  • Priority seating at all sessions.

How to become a member?

Membership Requirements:

You are required to complete the below application form and submit the following at the time of registration for membership.                                                                       

  1. Annual membership fee = LKR. 3000/-
  2. 2 photographs (size: National Identity Card)
  3. The National ID card /Passport & photocopy of ID
  4. Signed agreement of “Conditions of Services” which you will receive by post.
  • Membership is not transferable
  • Membership card has to be produced during each visit
  • US-SLFC reserves the right to revoke membership of a student who abuses institutional/ library/membership privileges or rules


  • Library usage
  • Virtual advising
  • Free group orientation
    • Computer corner
    • Visa Seminars
Under Advising Services tab
 Other services  – members & non-members Fees
 1  Authentication of educational documents (conditions apply)  Rs. 250/- per document and                                Rs.5/- per photocopy
 2  Photocopying facility – fees & conditions apply Rs. 5/- per page (Single sides) and Rs. 10/- per page (Double sides)