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The EducationUSA team at US-SLFC offers the following services to accredited U.S. higher educational institutions:

Free Services:

  • Opportunity to present a session at US-SLFC for prospective students.

Registration to conduct webinar or in-house session   (Register Now)

  • Briefings on the Sri Lankan higher educational system and trends in U.S.-Sri Lanka student mobility, Country Fact sheet ( Download )
  • Contact information for local schools and universities
  • Advice on Sri Lankan higher educational institutions and credential evaluation
  • Opportunity to display materials at the EducationUSA advising center Library.

Please contact us for more information about all of our services to U.S. higher educational institutions. If you are planning a visit to the EducationUSA Advising Center Sri Lanka, please notify us at least 2 months in advance.

Educational Fairs

The EducationUSA South Asia Tour is conducted once a year in Sri Lanka. This is a fantastic opportunity for HEI’s to meet with prospective undergraduate and graduate students and their parents.

Benefits of participating in the tour.

  • Opportunity to interact with large and diverse groups of students
  • Fairs are scheduled when most of the students are in the process of researching multiple options and shortlisting ‘right-fit’ universities per their educational aspirations
  • Ideal time to visit schools and colleges across Sri Lanka
  • In addition to the commercial capital, the tour will cover TIER II cities in the country that are emerging as important educational hubs and provide the opportunity to U.S. HEIs to connect with the students in these regions
  • Opportunity to interact with school counselors through the school visits which are built into the program
  • Unique chance to cover all the important regions of the country through one tour to get a better understanding of your target audience.

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Registration to proctor exams: (hyperlink testing section)

The US-SLFC has a long history of proctoring exams for Higher Education Institutions, such as placement exams, semester exams.

Explanation of SL Credentials :

MiddleJunior Secondary6–912–144
SecondarySenior Secondary10–1115–162Sri Lankan General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level G.C.E O/Ls – General Certificate of Education (G.C.E) Ordinary Level (O/Ls): Students who are pursuing tertiary education must pass the G.C.E O/Ls in order to enter the collegiate level to study for another 2 years (grades 12-13) to sit for the G.C.E Advanced Level. On successful completion of this exam, students can move on to tertiary education, therefore the GCE A/Ls is the university entrance exam in Sri Lanka.
Post-secondaryGeneral Certificate of Education Advanced Level12–1317–182Sri Lankan General Certificate of Education Advanced LevelThe GCE A/Ls is the university entrance exam in Sri Lanka.
Tertiary and Vocational
Vocational Diploma2DiplomaThe state provides a number of vocational and technical training centers, and programs for apprenticeship training too. These take place within a system of seven levels of qualifications, of which the upper one is rated equivalent to degree level.
Diploma from Technical Colleges leads to employment. Requires O-levels for admission.
TertiaryDiploma10–1115–162Trained Teacher`s Certificate
Higher National Diploma
Diploma in Teaching English as a Second Language
Diploma in School Management
Diploma in School Management – for overseas students (on request)
Diploma in Special Education
Diploma in Sign Language
Additional Language Improvement Course
Certificate Course for Pre-School Teachers of Hearing Impaired Children
Diploma in Early Childhood and Primary Education
Diploma in Teaching Japanese as a foreign language
3-year diplomas, Professional institutions/qualifications
TertiaryBachelor3–4Bachelors General degree Bachelors Special degreeGeneral Bachelor (Bachelor of Science, Arts, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Laws) degrees are 3 years.
Special Bachelor (Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of Nursing, Bachelor of Pharmacy, Bachelor of Dentistry, BSc, BA) degrees are 4 years
TertiaryMaster2Master’s Degrees, MPhil/ Postgraduate DiplomaMA, MSc. The MPhil typically includes a taught portion and a significant research portion, during which a thesis project is conducted under supervision. An MPhil may be awarded to postgraduate students after completing taught coursework and one to two years of original research, which may also serve as a provisional enrollment for a PhD program.

Useful links:

Ministry of Education


Telephone: 94-11-2785141-50


Ministry of Higher Education


Telephone: 94-11-2694486


University Grants Commission


Telephone: 94 – (011) – 2695301


Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission


Telephone: 0117608000, 0117608028, 0774505040


National College of Education

Resources Sri Lankan Institutions:

Request a School or University Visit

The EducationUSA team, together with its colleagues from the Fulbright program, conduct outreach activities around Sri Lanka, in efforts to promote U.S higher educational opportunities. We regularly visit high schools, universities and other institutions to conduct workshops and presentations.

If you would like to have us conduct a session at your institution, please email us (hyperlink) and we will make the necessary arrangements.  

Request for Counselor Training and Workshops

The EducationUSA team provides training for high school counselors on the following topics:

  • Completing the Common application and UC applications
  • How to write letters of recommendations
  • Completing the CSS Profile and ISFAA

If you would like to attend the next counselor training, please email us.

Attestation of Local transcripts and Degree certificates

The US-SLFC has been authorized by the foreign ministry to attest local transcripts and university degrees. If you would like to authenticate your transcripts and degree certificates, please contact the advising center during our office hours.

Original transcripts and degree certificates need to be submitted when handing over your request for attestation.